Remove participant from zoom meeting

We are currently trying to find a way to programmatically remove a user from a Zoom meeting. The users are signed in with SSO. We tried using the DELETE /users/{userId}/token API to delete the user’s session and it does log out the user from Zoom BUT the user still REMAINS in the meeting. Any reason for this behavior?

On a general note, Is it possible to have an official API to remove the user(s) from a meeting?

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Currently, we do not have a method to remove a participant from a meeting programmatically. This is an intentional decision so that we can prevent applications from disrupting the meeting experience.

If this is something we see demand for in the future we will re-evaluate this functionality. Can you share your use case here?

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An official API would be a huge help. Far too many meetings have been bombarded by random participants causing significant disruption.

Here is the use case

  1. we have an approved list of who can access the zoom
  2. We send out simple invitation to everyone
  3. Sometimes people are removed from the list
  4. We do not want to force the users to login and we don’t want to change passwords every meeting
  5. What we want to do is every time meeting starts - IF someone unwanted joins the meeting - we want to kick them out
  6. Ideally this would work via Waiting Room
  • Someone joins waiting room
  • Webhook emitted
  • We check against current white list
  • if not found - do not approve the participant

This way no disruption to the meeting experience and we get what we want

I need the same use case