ReplayKit extensions are not recognized by iOS

I built a simple app using Client SDK (v5.2.42037.1112) with both Broadcast Upload extension ( and Broadcast Setup UI extension (

However, when I touch the Screen Recording button on the control center (or the share button of games which supports Replaykit), I don’t see my app as one of broadcasters unlike the sample app provided as a part of SDK(MobileRTCSampleScreenShare).

I have verified that

  1. Extensions’ bundle name is prefixed by the container app’s bundle id
  2. Both extensions and the container app are associated with the same App Group ID
  3. The container app embed both extensions as “Plugins” in the “Embed App Extensions” section

It seems that iOS does not recognize my extensions.

The problem was solved. It was caused by mismatching target iOS version between the container app and the extension.

Hey @satoshi.nakajima,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

I am happy to hear you got it working :slight_smile:
Please let us know if you run into any other issues or have other questions.