Report meeting API giving 404 for scheduled meetings

For scheduled meetings, Report meeting details API is giving 404 (Meeting does not exist) for some specific meetings. It is not happening for all the meetings.

Ex:- 404 is coming for this scheduled meeting id 92641779653

while response is coming for this scheduled meeting id 95869673764

Can you let me know why it is happening for some specific meeting, what is difference between this meetings since both are scheduled meetings only. So, why response is there for one and while for other it is 404?

Any help appreciated!

Hi @integrationdev,

There is currently a known fault with some of Zoom’s services, such as the Reporting API and Cloud Recording Service.

Issues displaying live meeting information in Dashboard and Reports
We have identified an issue causing users to experience issues displaying live meeting information. We will continue to provide updates as we have them.
A subset of customers may also be experiencing issues accessing Webinar Registrations links and may see a delay in accessing information in dashboards and reports, as well delays in access to cloud recording links.
This incident affects: Zoom Website (Zoom Dashboard & Reporting, Web Portal), Zoom Developer Platform (Webhooks), and Cloud Recording.

Please see for updates.


Thanks for jumping in, @alexmayo!

This should be resolved now. :slight_smile:


@will.zoom and @alexmayo This is not resolved yet.

It is happening for this scheduled meeting id 96975985641 also.

The response is not coming from the reporting API but is coming through normal API.

API: Response: 200
API: Response: 404

Can you let me know why the report meeting API is not giving a response when the response is there from the meeting API?

This happens for some specific scheduled meetings only. Else for other scheduled meetings both the normal and report APIs give the response.

When I checked randomly for a few meetings in my account. I have found it is happening randomly for few meetings. ex:-

  1. Meeting ID:- 91633370902, Date:- 27/11/2020
    Report API:-, Response: 404
    Normal API:-, Response: 200

  2. Meeting ID:- 93403770633, Date:- 25/11/2020 (Older meeting but the response is coming)
    Report API:-, Response: 200
    Normal API:-, Response: 200

Even when the older meeting is giving data, few recent meetings are giving 404. Can you give an estimated delay in reporting APIs, our integration with zoom and client is impacted due to this randomness of reporting API.

Hey @integrationdev,

Thank you for following up. I just checked the logs and it looks like the meeting with ID 91633370902 hasn’t yet been started. Can you confirm if this is the case on your end? Please let me know if you continue to have issues after starting the meetings. When it comes to meetings that haven’t been started yet, they won’t be returned from this endpoint.

Let me know if you have any questions.


hello @MaxM

I cannot recall if the meeting was started or not. But this issue is happening even when the meeting was started for a very short duration of time for sure.

Ex:- This is 94451578858 meeting id is from our client account. This meeting was started for a short duration and then got ended. Still reporting API’s are giving 404 but normal info API are giving 200.

Meeting date:-2020-11-24.

Is there any particular time duration till which meeting should run so that reporting APIs can generate data?

This issue is intermittent and happens randomly for a few meetings where reporting APIs neither give meeting info nor give participants info but normal APIs work fine. Due to this, our crucial functionalities get affected. Can you check this?

Hey @integrationdev,

Thank you for providing additional information. Are you also able to provide the request endpoint as well as the response so that I can take a closer look. In taking a look on my end, I can see this meeting took place back in September and has several attendees so I would expect it to be returned but these additional details will help to further investigate.

Regarding the amount of time you should wait before calling the Report endpoint, it takes a bit of time for meeting data to process but it should be available shortly after the meeting has ended (not immediately).


Not sure which meeting you are referring to because this meeting was in November and not in September. Can you check the meeting with id: 94451578858
What I tried till now:

  1. 94451578858
    Response 404

    Response 404

    Response 404

    Response 404

This all didn’t work.

One more finding for this meeting is:-

1.This API:

is giving response:-

Does this mean that no past meeting exists for this meeting id?
As per our client, the meeting was started for a short duration.

Also when you mention:-

Regarding the amount of time you should wait before calling the Report endpoint, it takes a bit of time for meeting data to process but it should be available shortly after the meeting has ended (not immediately).

How much time it can take?

Hey @integrationdev,

Thank you for the update. I can see that you’ve since reached out to us at Developer Support. As we’ll be able to assist you best in that thread, let’s continue the conversation there.


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