Meeting participant report returns different results

I’m making calls to the meeting participant report endpoint from a server app using a jwt and getting back {“code”:3001,“message”:“This meeting is not available or ID is not valid.”} but when I make the same call from the test request form at it returns the expected result. How do I get this endpoint to work with my jwt?

I am able to get a detail meeting reports using a jwt but not the participant report

Meeting Ids I’ve tested with is 430644452, 104540414

Hey @ryan1,

Make sure you are passing in the right meetingIDs in your code. If it works on the test request, it should also work via an http request in your code.


Thanks Tommy,

The meetingID was correct but I had a typo in “participant” which is what returned the error I was getting. Fixed that and everything works fine.

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Happy to hear you got it working now! :slight_smile: