Request for more index bloc for oAuth


Previously, I have asked for 6 index blocs for zoom meetings which you have kindly provided (Request #16360848).

However, We just realised now that our production server run on 4 differents nodes, which means that when node 1 is tapped, the token generated on node 2 is invalidated. Fortunately we were able to discover this on our staging environment which works on 2 servers.

I would like to request 4 more index blocs (A total of 10) in order to finalize our migration from JWT to oAuth.

Thank you in advance.

maybe @elisa.zoom can you help me out ? I created a ticket but I got an email that it closed and that I should navigate the forum. This is something I believe required technical assistance

Hi @framework
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Can you please share more details about the issue?
I took a look to the support ticket and it looks like they were able to help you with the index tolerance.

Thank you for your reply @elisa.zoom , indeed they helped us by increasing our index tolerance to 6 which we thought was enough, however we found that we need to increase the tolerance to 10 .

I see @framework
I would suggest you to reach out to support again, the same way you originally requested the increase on your index token tolerance and they will take it from there

I did, but I was redirected to check the forum and the ticket was closed immediately upon submission.

@elisa.zoom I would like to note that I submitted 3 tickets and they are being closed automatically and I am getting the following email immediately upon submission:

Thank you for contacting our Developer Support team! We have moved to the Zoom Developer Forum. To ensure your inquiry is addressed, please navigate to our Developer Forum for assistance at
We will be closing this ticket in the process. If you have any non-developer related issues or concerns please reach out to us at

Ok @framework
I am sorry to hear you are having issues creating this ticket with support.
I will send you a private message to follow up and personally help you with this.