“Invalid access token” for Server-to-Server OAuth - requesting an increased token index tolerance

As stated in this developer forum post I would like to request an increased token index tolerance for our account and/or the following Server-to-Server OAuth app.

I already opened a request and it was closed on me, redirecting me to here: https://devforum.zoom.us. So I responded to the original thread here

In the ticket request, I was then asked to please start a new thread on the developer forum, as the linked forum post was from several months ago and initiated almost a year ago by what appears to be another user. I got promised, that the Zoom Developer Advocacy team will be able to assist me with moving this forward through appropriate channels.

So here I am. Can I get some help?

In the ticket, I was asked for some information about the app:

  • App Name:
  • ClientID:
  • AppID:
  • AccountID:

I do not feel comfortable sharing this information publicly in the devforum. So, shall I open a new ticket?

kind regards,

Apologies that you had to go through this. We have increased your token index to 10