Request to add feature - Disable Gallery view in iOS SDK

how do I add a feature request for iOS SDK: disable Gallery View setting for iOS SDK?

We understand the Android SDK has the capability to disable Gallery View (but not iOS SDK for some reason)

Thanks, Derek

Hi Derek,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Yes, disabling the gallery view feature is currently only available on Android. We will explore the possibilities to support this feature on iOS. Please follow our Github repo for any updates.


Thanks! Can we also add a request a feature for lock Spotlight on Host for both iOS and Android?

Thanks for the reply. To lock spotlight on host, you can pass the host’s user ID to the spotlight video method that is available on both Android and iOS to change the spotlight on the host:

MobileRTCSDKError spotLightVideo(boolean on,
                                 long userId)

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson, the SDK manuals say that the Spotlight can be set to any user, except the Host. For some reason, not the host. Has that changed? Thanks

Carson, the sdk warning says “ Warning

Only meeting host can run the function, and user spotlighted should not be the host himself” what happens if we set the spotlight on the Host? Thx

Thanks for the prompt reply. The Spotlight can be set to any user, but only the host can set spotlight and only the host can call this method.

So if you set the spotlight on the host, you will get exactly what you want. :wink:

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!