Requesting to enabled POST recording.archive_files_completed

I would like to request enabled of using the following webhook
POST recording.archive_files_completed

Current response:
“code” => 200,
“message” => “Not available for this account, iJ8A2t-9TneM90eTLfiNlw”,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum, @marketing18 ! Please contact the Zoom support team for more information.

POST recording.archive_files_completed

Hi @donte.zoom

We been communicated with your support twice and always been redirect to “post in developer forum” as it required developer to solve it.

@marketing18, Can you share the ticket number with me, I am happy to follow up on it ?

Hi @donte.zoom ,

Unfortunately, the support team inform that it need not to have ticket as Zoom developer will anyhow only reply us on forum. Thus, there is no ticket created from the conversation.

Hi @donte.zoom
We got a ticket on this issue: TS1237480

Please assist. Thank you