Recording completed zoom webhook not sent by zoom

Hello zoom dev team,

We had a meeting that have started at Nov 22, 2020 02:29 PM and finished at 03:15 PM (data from zoom dashboard, I will send you meeting ID by mail).

We have enabled webhook to receive recordingcompleted event (and it usually works correctly for other meetings).

Cloud recording was enabled too and I am able to see that chat recording is present in zoom cloud (Recording management page), but we did not received any webhooks.

I have checked webhook logs and it seems that the webhook recordingcompleted is not present for this meeting.

We have redownloaded manually the recording, so we do not issue about getting the data, but we would like to know why we did not received webhook to prevent this problem from happening again.

Can you kindly check what is the reason for that please ? Thank you.

No error, we did not received webhook for recording completed event.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Recording completed event

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Rarely happen, do not know how to reproduce

Screenshots (If applicable)

Additional context

Hi @ljacquel,

There is currently a known fault with some of Zoom’s services such as the Cloud Recording Service.

Issues displaying live meeting information in Dashboard and Reports
We have identified an issue causing users to experience issues displaying live meeting information. We will continue to provide updates as we have them.
A subset of customers may also be experiencing issues accessing Webinar Registrations links and may see a delay in accessing information in dashboards and reports, as well delays in access to cloud recording links.
This incident affects: Zoom Website (Zoom Dashboard & Reporting, Web Portal), Zoom Developer Platform (Webhooks), and Cloud Recording.

Please see for updates.


Hi @alexmayo,

Thank you for the response,

I will check zoom status page to see when problem will be fixed.

Hey @ljacquel,

Yes, we did have an issue last Wednesday which affected some Webhooks. It is now resolved, please see more details here:

Appreciate your response @alexmayo! :slight_smile:


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