Resend Registration Confirmation Email?

Hi all,

Reading the documentation it appears that it’s not possible to resend a registration confirmation email to a registrant through the API. Has anyone found a different way to do this or is there perhaps an endpoint that I haven’t spotted?

Looking at other supported commands it should be possible to manually create something that is close to a registration confirmation email by getting a registrant’s name, email, join link etc and then creating & sending my own email, but I’d like to stick to the official confirmation email if possible.

To give some background we currently have a recurring meeting with > 250 registrations. We like to send a reminder email (the registration confirmation email) a day before each occurrence, but with over 250 registrants and the registrations list only showing 6 results per page this is starting to take some serious time. Unfortunately upgrading to a webinar licence is currently not possible due to financial constraints.

Looking at the requests that are made when this process is run manually I can see the details of the private API that already exists to resend the emails. I won’t include these here of course, but if it’s currently not possible to do I would very much appreciate it if this existing functionality could be made public.

Many thanks,

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