[RESOLVED] Booking updates are illogical


Why should the developer keep your records updated?



zr.callZoomAPI(“zCommand Bookings Update”)

zr.callZoomAPI("zCommand Bookings List”)



This works to get a fresh list, but it seems illogical to have the caller tell you to update your records.


No developer in their right mind wants stale data, ZRC should be the one periodically running a cron job to keep the records up to date.


But if you aren’t doing it every second, then my process will still be faster and get the latest meetings because I am always calling update first and it seems to work fine.


Scotts response via email:


It looks like it’s a bug in the Web portal: The web portal is not

pushing changes in the scheduled meeting list down to the Zoom Room.

I filed a bug for this: JIRA number ZOOM-33755, and I am pushing to

get the bug fixed.