zCommand Bookings Update issue: limit frequency


We have an issue with the Bookings refresh, when using Google Calendar integration with Zoom Rooms.

One bug people noticed is that when you add/change/delete a meeting for the Zoom Rooms using Google calendar, it takes up to 15 minutes worst case for that change to be pushed to the Zoom Room. This problem applies to normal usage of the Zoom Room, even when not using the ZR-CSAPI. I just tested this issue now with the latest builds, using a regular Mac Zoom Room, without using the ZR-CSAPI, and in one case, the delay was over 15 minutes.

As a work-around, I added a command to the ZR-CSAPI to force the Zoom Room to fetch calendar info:

zCommand Bookings Update

The idea is that your automation controller can issue this command every 10 seconds, and always have the latest up-to-date meeting list for the Zoom Room.

Except there is a problem, because the Google Calendar service limits the number of API calls to 1,000,000 per day per calendar. If you go over that, Google starts charging the customer extra money, and it can add up. If you have 115 Zoom Rooms running the API, all using the same Google Calendar, and they all issue a fetch once every 10 seconds, that’s 994,000 fetches per day. The other Zoom desktop/mobile clients will also do fetches, and you’ll go over the 1,000,000 per day limit.

I submitted a feature request to our Zoom Room team last year to figure out a way to push calendar changes with less delay: ZOOM-33755. I am going to ask them to work on this again.

In the meantime, I recommend issuing the

zCommand Bookings Update

command no more than once every 2 minutes, to prevent your customers from getting extra charges on their Google G-Suite account.

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