Rest API Meeting Dashboard : Unable to receive data from zoom using HTTPS


Hi Zoom Support

Is there any changes made or update since yesterday? Because today i unable to get any data from Zoom Meeting Dashboard using Rest API when trying to request it from to be precise it is https server, since my local server work well and yesterday I’ve tested it on https server, it work well. Since nothing changes was made, we’ve been using it about almost 2 month and it work so great! Until today i tried to troubleshoot, and no json data response from zoom.

Is there any changes from the way data to be retrieve, or any problem somewhere? Since my localhost server work well. I don’t know if you restricted my domain or https access from accessing the data.

Thank you for your support


Hi Muhammad,

We have not rolled out any changes yet, everything is the same. 

Please try the API playground for expected response for the API call ( If you’re still facing the issue for a specific API, please let me know some more details and I’ll test it on my end.



Hi Ammar,

Thank you for replying my ticket. It work today, but yesterday not work. Nothing change on my server also. 

Today, it work perfectly. i will let you know if something like this happen again. 

Thanks and regards