Changes and Upcoming Changes


Is there a place where I can find out what endpoints will change and when? Our entire user dashboard has broken today because of API changes that were not announced.

I am wondering if I am missing something.

Hi Carl, please check our release notes @ you can always check the latest updates here.

I’m sorry @Wei Guo, but that’s not good enough.

Zoom changed their API on Sunday. On Monday morning, my business doesn’t work, because of the changes.

You can’t make big changes and just add “release notes” after. Your customers depend on your service staying the same. If Zoom cannot keep services running like they should, or tell people about changes before they happen, we won’t be able to keep using Zoom.

which REST API is broken? Can I get more details?

Zoom changed the way several endpoints work - such as /metrics/meetings, /metrics/meetingdetail and /meeting/update

This means API tools we use do not work, because of the changes. When you provide API services, you can’t just change them on the weekend - it breaks users’ tools.

Hi Carl, our developer community just launched, from now on, before next release, we will post all the changes advanced in here. 

We did change meeting/update API to support configuration of recurrent meeting occurrence, but it should not affect the backward compatibility. And We didn’t change metrics/meetings, /metrics/meetingdetail. Could I get more details about your API tools? How exactly do you use the REST API? 

Thank you

Hi Wei,

Glad to hear updates will be announced first. Can you tell me how much warning we will have before changes go live?

As to my issue, the endpoint for /meeting/update now requires the meeting ID and meeting type. Before, we did not need the meeting ID. Our business is online teaching, and students are scheduled to meet teachers in their PMI meeting. If the teacher is sick, we need to put an alternative-host for that PMI meeting, so that the student can still attend the right meeting.

With the changes to /meeting/update, we now need a meeting ‘id’ and meeting ‘type’ in order to set the alt-host. Because our meetings are PMI/instant-meetings, now we can’t give the meeting ‘id’ for these meetings. Remember, we need to sett alt-host for a PMI instant-meeting that did not start yet.


Hi Carl,

from now on, any changes to API we will put in this community one by one.

In your case, if one of the host/teacher is sick, you can still use his/her PMI in meeting id field. You mention “before, we did not need the meeting ID”, I think you might miss-understood something here, then how do you know which meeting to update? PMI is a meeting number that you need pass to meeting/update. you can still use PMI/instant-meetings when you updating.