Retrieve all sessions for my organization

If i want to capture all sessions for my organization.
How can that be accomplished ?
Is my organization is a tenant and i can retrieve all sessions for a

  1. Given date
  2. Give username

When creating a zoom session, i assume it is created with session id, i would like to retreive the usernames who joined the session, if possible for how long, etc.
I assume zoom session enforce SSO - this way i know how to detect the users


Hey @ilan,

To clarify are you talking about Zoom Meetings, or Zoom Chat Sessions?

Here is the Zoom API endpoint to get all Zoom Meetings for a user.

Here is the Zoom API endpoint to get all Chat Sessions for a user.

Let mw know if this helps!


I meant Zoom Meetings

What I want to achieve is to retrieve a list of all meetings user “X” joined to (Active directory user - SSO) in a specific set of dates, or to see the current active sessions.

So i can run report, List all session John has attended this week, how long was each session.
I dont want the entire session duration, just the time that John has spent on the session, is there a way to get it ?

If i look at this from developer point of view, its probably

  1. Get all Meetings user John joined this week
  2. Foreach session get John sign-in and sign-out time.


Hey @ilan,

You can use our Retrieve Meeting Reports endpoint to accomplish this.

You pass in a userID and can specify to and from dates.

To get the join_time and leave_time for a user in a meeting use this endpoint:

Let me know if this helps!