Meeting details (participants join & leave time history) - API endpoint

Hi, I am looking for an API endpoint to get the history of join & leave time for each participant. Right now I am using[meeting-id]/participants but receiving just the first time that the participant joined the meeting.

I did try also metrics/meetings/{meetingId}/participants and still reciving just the first time the user joined the uid (if he left and come back I lost the data of the second time). That happens with the exception of the user comming back with other devise.

As I am building an internal tool to check student attendance and permanence in the meeting, so I need to get all the times that the student joined and left.


Welcome and thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum, @smoguilner ! You can certainly achieve your goal using Zoom APIs for getting join the history. However, for leave history, Webhooks or Websockers may be a better option. For example, you can build an event-driven application that leverages Zoom Webhooks to capture the history of join & leave time for each participant. For this approach, you would have to create a webhook-only app or subscribe to webhooks. The ones would want to check out are :

Participant/Host joined meeting

Participant/Host left meeting

Start Meeting

To learn more about webhooks, see the below support documentation:

Create a Webhook-only App

Using webhooks

Using WebSockets

Let us know if you have any questions about this.