Retrieve information of attendees and refresh the URL of same zoom meeting

I have to work on Zoom integration in our website


a teacher creates a classroom and have to add the users into the classroom when the teacher add the users they receive classroom link

what is have to do here is
1. retrieve the information of the attendees (users)like how much time they’ve stayed in the classroom , duration of the classroom,
2. Also can I reuse the old classroom link so a organizer don’t have to create a new classroom and add users again



  1. These are all very possible with our REST APIs
  1. Yes, Meeting IDs can be used multiple times. However, you can also schedule a recurring meeting. With this method you still only have to create the meeting once, but it will create multiple recurrences of the meeting for each day of class and you can send it out to the students at once. For reporting purposes, it may be cleaner to set it up this way.
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