Retrieving channel ID with only having channel name

Trying to obtain specific zoom channel ID with only having the channel name via JSON API call (postman)

Can’t find any documentation or example to try / follow. I have a account admin level service account as well as OAuth server to server App setup and tested.

Use case -

  • want to send a update message to a zoom channel from our ticketing tool. Sometimes i could already know the channel name & ID, sometimes mes it would 1st require me to obtain channel ID if only channel name known…

Any help or suggestions on this?

Hi @tiaan.schulz ,

A little bit of a round about way, but you can use the Get Channels endpoint to get this info. In the Zoom Chat client interface when you click to view a chat channel’s description it tells you the owner so you know who’s info to pass through the request. Hope this helps!

Thx Gianni, will try that in the coming week.

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Okay please share/confirm your results!

Hi Gianni

Worked great. Thx.

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