Retrieving zak token: Does not contain scopes

I am using the current android sdk zoom-sdk-android- and am following the guide to implement PKCE OAuth (mainly the iOS guide as the Android guide is missing some info).

I have registered an app with the scopes “meeting:write user_zak:read” as i want the user to be able to create Zoom meetings from within my existing calendar application. The application is set to “intend to publish: no”, as i only want it as an integration.

I get an access token and refresh token with the requested scopes (“scope”:“meeting:write user_zak:read”), but when i try to follow the next step and retrieve the zak, i get an error message:
{“code”:4700,“message”:“Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [user:write:admin, user:read:admin, user:read, user:write, user_profile].”}

Do i have to add these scopes to my application registration, and if yes, why?

Edit: Or do i have to change the registration type and fill out this 24 pages google doc about our companys security process?

Issue was resolved by registering a third account :nerd_face:

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