Return All Meetings you are Hosting and Participating in?


I’m not sure if I’m just doing something wrong, but shouldn’t GET /users/{userId}/meetings return all meetings that the user is in, or only meetings in which that user is host? 

I’ve just tested having someone with a Free account send me a meeting, but it does not show in the Meetings List. Do all of the users have to be associated to the same account for the meetings to be listed?

Hi Ryan, 

The GET /users/{userId}/meetings only returns meeting that the user is hosting. 


How would I go about getting a list of meetings in which the user is host or is a participant?

Hi Ryan, 

Please see these APIs for meeting participants.

Thanks Michael, 

But isn’t this for metrics? I need to be able to be able to list meetings that a user is invited to in their meetings list so the user knows they are invited to the meeting and can access it from their meetings list. 

If I went about it via dashboard scheduled and live meetings then I’d have to loop through every single meeting on the account and if a specific user ID is in the participants listings on any meeting then append it to the meetings list and then reorder them however the meetings list orders them (by creation date?). 

Is that correct?

Hi Ryan, 

Yes, this is for metrics but the process you described should work and the meeting list is sorted by start_date.