Get all meetings user has participated in

Hi, I hope everyone is well.
I need to get a list of all the meetings the user has participated in - whether if he was the host or not, and whether the meeting was scheduled or not.
What is the best way to approach it using the API? I saw that user/meetings provide only meetings that he hosted…

Thanks in advance:)

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Still on it… will be glad for advice

Hey @idoamirr, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

If you know the meetingID or meetingUUID you can get a list of participants using these endpoints to see if the respective user was a participant:


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Thanks Tommy :slight_smile:
Is there a way to get a list of all these meetings? (i don’t have meeting id)
The current logic we thought of is:

  1. get all account meeting list using Get/metrics/meetings
  2. join participants ids to the table with Get/metrics/meetings/{meetingid}/participants
  3. query rows where my user_id is participating

Is there a better approach for this issue or i’m in the right path?
(we try to avoid metrics because some of our customers don’t have business permissions(using pro…)


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Hey @idoamirr,

Other than the Participant Joined Meeting Webhook, the flow you mentioned is the best flow as of now.