Revoke permission for app - for one user only

Hello, I want to revoke permission for marketplace application for one user only (I am an admin in the account). I didn’t found this option - I can only revoke all permission for all users for this app, or disable the app.

Does disabling also revokes the permissions? Can I just revoke them, without disabling the future use in the app?

Hi, @noa,

Thank you for posting and I am happy to help here. Can you share what method is being used to how revoking the permissions for the user? You should know that we have the following resources available which provide greater insight into how revoke a user access token :slight_smile:

You may also want to check out this developer forum post on this topic :

Hi, thank you for your reply.

I’ll clarify"

  1. I want to revoke token that user gave to specific app and I want to do it through the web, not through the API. can I do this?
    I’m asking as an admin of an account (and not as developer).
  2. If I enter App Marketplace, and then click on one of the apps and click on ‘disable’ (for users) - does it also revoke the current tokens?

thank you.

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