Ring up Zoom Client when registering participants in meetings

In the regular Zoom client one can call a contact and their client ‘rings’, they can accept the invite popup and they join the meeting.

Having created a zoom meeting via the API, https://developers.zoom.us/docs/api/rest/reference/zoom-api/methods/#operation/meetingCreate

and then registering the user


How can I programatically notify one or more participants so that their Zoom clients “ring/alert” with an invitation? Is this possible? Thanks.

Yes, it is possible to programatically notify participants of a Zoom meeting created through the API. You can use the Zoom API to send email invitations to participants, which will include a link to join the meeting. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Create the Zoom meeting using the meetingCreate API endpoint.
  2. Register participants for the meeting using the meetingRegistrantCreate API endpoint.
  3. Use the invitation_email field in the response of the meetingRegistrantCreate API call to get the email address of each participant.
  4. Send an email invitation to each participant using your preferred email service or API, including the Zoom meeting link in the email body.
  5. Participants will receive the email invitation and can join the Zoom meeting by clicking the link.

Note that the invitation email will come from the email address associated with your Zoom account, and will include the meeting details (time, date, and link to join the meeting). You can customize the email message using the agenda field when creating the meeting, and the custom_questions field when registering participants.

@anawilliam850 Thank you for getting back. However, my question is specifically about client ringing and not email notifications. I am referring to the behaviour in below screenshots. Is this achievable via APIs ?

Hi @ayush.goel
Thanks for reaching out to us
Unfortunately, as of right now, we do not have an endpoint that will allow you to programmatically '‘ring’ a registrant.
Feel free to make a feature request here:

Thanks for the confirmation !

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