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I need a suggestion. Does Zoom offer an API that would allow me to initiate a video call by clicking on a button and automatically ring a specific user?

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Unfortunately, we do not have an endpoint that will help you achieve this behavior.

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Had a query when we create a meeting in zoom using sdk can we join the room using following link Join Meeting - Zoom.

Yes, Zoom offers an API called the Zoom Meetings API that allows you to initiate a video call and automatically ring specific users. You can use the API to create a custom application or integrate Zoom functionality into your existing application.

To initiate a video call and ring a specific user, you can follow these general steps using the Zoom Meetings API:

Set up API credentials: Obtain API credentials (API Key and API Secret) from the Zoom Developer Portal by creating a JWT App or an OAuth App, depending on your requirements.

Authenticate your application: Use the API credentials to generate a valid access token. This token will be used to authenticate your API requests.

Create a meeting: Use the “Create a Meeting” API endpoint to create a new meeting. Specify the necessary parameters such as the meeting topic, start time, and duration.

Add participants: After creating the meeting, you can use the “Add Meeting Registrant” API endpoint to add participants or users who should be invited to join the meeting. Provide their email addresses or other unique identifiers.

Send invitation: You can then notify the specific user(s) about the meeting by sending them an email invitation using the “Send Meeting Invitation” API endpoint. This will trigger an email containing the meeting details and a link to join the meeting.

Handle meeting start: Once the meeting is scheduled and participants are invited, they can join the meeting by clicking on the link provided in the invitation email.

By implementing these steps, you can programmatically initiate a video call and invite specific users to join the call. You can integrate this functionality into your application by adding a button that triggers the API calls when clicked.

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