Roadmap of feature support in WebSDK vs Client

Hi there,

We’ve integrated the Web SDK into our platform and have been documenting the supported features on the web as opposed to the native client. I’ve found a few useful sources of information to help with this process [linked at bottom] but I was wondering if there is a roadmap that shows which features are in progress or planned for future support. Is something like this available?

I was hoping the upcoming changes ( section would be helpful for this but it’s empty.

For clarification, the information sources I have found are:

Browser support matrix

Feature support matrix


Hey @mijodu,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. While we had a developer roadmap available in the past, we do not currently have a public facing developer roadmap.

If you have questions about a specific feature, you can reach out to us and we’ll check with our engineering team.


Thanks for your reply Max.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t allow us to be very responsive to our clients using Zoom via our platform. It would be better to have that information available internally so we could react quickly to these kinds of questions directly. Even if the roadmap was fairly rough or just a list of features on the development teams’ radar, it would at least enable us to be able to say ‘it’s on the roadmap but we can’t give a date’ etc.


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Hey @mijodu,

I appreciate your input here. I agree this sounds like it would be useful but I’m not sure where we’re at in terms of bringing a public facing roadmap back. I’ll talk with my team and see if this is something we can bring back in the near future.


Thanks @MaxM, appreciated. I understand these things can’t be turned around immediately but it certainly sounds like something that a few people could find useful so I’ll have my fingers crossed.


Thanks for your feedback, @mijodu — we will continue to advocate for this internally.

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