Web Client SDK version 1.9.6

Hello Zoom Developers, here are the updates for the Web SDK version 1.9.6 release :

Added / Updated

  • The Web Meeting/Client SDK does not support mobile devices; same as the Zoom web client.
  • Active Apps Notifier. When someone in a meeting or webinar is utilizing any app that has access to real-time content or personal information during a meeting, participants are given real-time notice of usage. Details of which apps have access and which participant is using the app are displayed. Clicking the app opens the Marketplace page to provide more information. Note: This feature is dependent on a web release scheduled for June 14, 2021, and will not visible until then.


  • Panelists can join webinars by entering their tk token.
  • Added documentation with details on how to support users to automatically or manually join registered meetings or webinars. See links for details.


  • Participants with the assistant role will no longer see the Breakout Room button.
  • Fixed bug in 1.9.5 where the SDK didn’t support attendees joining in the new registration flow.

You can also see the update listed on our Changelog: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/changelog


What does this mean?

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Hey @ckarpyszyn ,

As per our docs, the Web Client SDK and Web Client do not officially support mobile browsers at this time:

If you have additional questions, please open a new topic in #web-client-sdk


Sorry, I’m just confused. What is the “Web Meeting SDK”. Do we mean “Web Client SDK”? What is the Zoom Web Client?

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Hey @ckarpyszyn ,

Apologies for the confusion, the Zoom Meeting SDK and Client SDK are the same thing. :slight_smile:

The Zoom Web Client is for joining meetings / webinars in the browser. (For end users, not apart of the Developer Platform.)

Does that clear the confusion up?


I can’t tell if it’s just late here on the East coast or what.

  • The Web Meeting SDK does not support mobile devices; same as the Zoom web client .

Web Meeting SDK == Web Client SDK == Zoom Web Client

Then your link to Zoom Meeting SDK and Client SDK also points to the Zoom Web SDK documentation

Maybe, can you rephrase the first bullet point for me, what exactly is updated or added to the Web Client SDK in the first line in the release notes?

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This is a bit unclear to me. Please guide what does this statement mean?

Currently, meeting works on Android mobile phones using WebSDK on 1.9.5. Also, audio on iOS did not work earlier but last I checked on iOS 14.6 iPhone 6S (Safari), the audio was working as well.

Does this mean that on 1.9.6 version meetings using WebSDK will not work on Android and iOS browsers?




RE: First bullet

Does that mean that any user trying to connect to a session using a Cellphone browser will not be able to join?
What’s the difference between Web Meeting SDK and Zoom Web Client? isn’t it the same?

Thank you

@tommy e have the same question. Does the new update revoke the support for mobile browsers which were supported earlier?

Hey @elearningevolve ,

Good question, no it does not revoke support for mobile browsers. :slight_smile:


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Hey @bssierra ,

Users will still be able to connect to audio via phone. :slight_smile:

The Web Client is the Zoom web hosted experience, whereas the Web Meeting/Client SDK is the developer product.


Hey @mohdahmed , @ckarpyszyn ,

Web Meeting SDK == Web Client SDK (Zoom developer product)

Web Client (Zoom web hosted experience)

Nothing is changing / breaking from a feature perspective. If it worked before, then it will still work.


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