Roles API Endpoint returns invalid Response code

Recently I tried fetching roles from Zoom Web API and found an unexpected response. The Zoom role that was being fetched was already deleted from the Zoom Account. According to the official documentation, the response code should be 300, but the API returned an error code of 400. According to me, the correct response code should however be 404 as the role no longer exists rather than 400 (which generally denotes unauthorized) or 300 (which generally denotes redirect).

API Endpoint/s?
Zoom Meeting API

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
1. Request URL :
3. Response Code 400: {“code”:1034,“message”:“Role does not exist.”}

The url you shared requires a role id in the request parameter: are you using this one?{roleId}

Please share the full request/response with screenshots if possible.

Thank you!