RTSP Stream to Web SDK (Urgent Help Needed)

Hi @tommy @TimZoom ,

We working on a streaming project for our customers. I’d like to ask if Web SDK supports the RTSP or any other protocol to stream manipulated video and audio input? The streamflow direction will be from the local machine which we feed processed video frames and audio to the Web SDK, and from Web SDK to the public users.

Thank you,

Hi! I am also interested in ability to make web app based on zoom sdk with external audio/video source.
As I understand media data(audio/video) can be delivered to “browser space” via websockets or webrtc, but as I briefly learned zoom web sdk api, there is no way to manipulate audio/video data on so low level, sdk provides only high level features.
Maybe somebody more experienced can comment anything on this?

Hey @yagmur, @nikitos1550,

The Web SDK does not have this functionality.

Feel free to add this as a feature request here: #feature-requests


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