Salesforce Integration App Options

I need help with two questions about the Salesforce integration options.

Question 1: Which App?
There are two separate apps for Salesforce in the marketplace. Could someone advice what is their difference, and if there is an advantage of one over the other?
a) One is created by Zoom (Zoom for Salesforce)
b) Another is created by Salesforce

Question 2: Multiple SF Organizations?
The post link below(1) indicates that ‘Zoom for Salesforce’ is moving from JWT to OAuth authentication to support integrations to multiple SF organizations for a single Zoom account. Can you provide a potential release date for that based on the current roadmap?

Also: Anyone knows if it would be possible to use the two different apps to setup two concurrent integrations (from a single Zoom account to two separate SF organizations)?

Thank you in advance!

(1) I’m only allowed 2 links per comment, so link is included below as a response.

Link to OAuth Post: Possible to configure Zoom for Salesforce App using OAuth instead of JWT

Hi @ilun,

This app on our Marketplace is the most comprehensive Salesforce integration, and supports meetings, webinars and phone:

I recommend leveraging this app, which uses OAuth.


Hi @will.zoom,

I really appreciate your quick response and letting me know that the integration created by Zoom is more feature rich and the better route to go.

I have a follow up question about OAuth: Do you know if that can be used to setup multiple concurrent integrations to different Salesforce organizations (i.e. accounts)?
The app documentation shows that it uses JWT to authorize the connection from Salesforce, and separately shows that there is an OAuth Policy section that can optionally be used to limit the users allowed to use it. So I’m not sure if the documents haven’t been updated yet, or if OAuth is only used for scoping users as indicated.

Thank you for your help!


Hi @ilun,

I don’t believe this integration supports multiple Zoom accounts concurrently. This would require enabling/authorizing different instances of the integration under each unique account separately.


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