Salesforce Integration with ZoomPhone

Does anyone have a simple easy explanation of what I need to do to setup Salesforce correctly with ZoomPhone.

We currently have ZoomPhone Integrated to Salesforce using the included JWT app from the marketplace. This setup was easy and only required some personal information and an API key and Secret were provided to copy / paste into salesforce Zoom Config page.

This app is deprecating this year and I need to know the best way to integrate ZoomPhone and Salesforce going forward.

I’ve seen developer videos online using postman and other API tools to integrate. I’ve seen people use OAuth and Server-to-Server apps.

I just need a simple approach to get ZoomPhone and Salesforce integrated with a Key and Secret code

Hi - we will be updating this app to include support for oAuth. Stay tuned…

We have released ‘Zoom’ version 3.27 to the Salesforce AppExchange. This app now supports oAuth authentication.