Sample web app cannot be run & it is not a react application

I did this steps to clone and run the app but it can’t be run and give me an error
-git clone --branch master --depth 1
-cd sample-app-web/Local
-npm install
-npm run start


Hi @Ahmed_Alaa, I’ve just tested a local clone of 1.7.5 and it seems to be running. Are you able to install and test this outside of what looks to be a /React/Firebase project?

The sample app does have react dependencies, but this does not show installation and usage within a react app.

Here’s a sample app using the Web SDK within a React app. Note this has not yet been updated to 1.7.5 and it has not been made available yet on the Zoom GitHub.

@michael.harrington thank you this repo helped me a lot.
i recommend if you can put it at the official githup repo of zoom web sdk, it will be very helpfull and, save a lot of time of searching
thanks again :slight_smile:

Glad this helped @Ahmed_Alaa - I’ll get working on adding this over to GitHub!