Sample Zoom Registration App

Hey Zoom Devs!

I’m excited to announce a new Sample Registration App to the community. I made this app to serve as a guide when building your own custom registration flows with the Zoom API.

It’s made using simple and familiar tools like HTML/CSS/JS, Express, and MongoDB.

You don’t have to be a framework expert to get started!

Try it out

Navigate to the Github repository below and follow the steps in to get started.

What’s Next?

This app was created for you, the Zoom Developer and I don’t want the conversation to stop here.

Let me know your thoughts. Any questions, clarifications, improvements, or issues - anything at all!

Here are some conversation starters:

  1. Does this app help to understand our Registration APIs, Rate Limits, etc.?
  2. What’s missing from this example?
  3. How do you like to write your Express apps? What would you do differently?

Break it!

The goal of this sample is to demonstrate our Registration APIs with a web app and there’s no better way to learn than making changes and customizing it for yourself!

Try replacing the MongoDB memory server with your own instance.

Make it!

Have you made some awesome customizations to the app you think everyone would like?

Send a pull request to the repository and I’ll review the merge!

Noticed any issues or improvements but don’t want to write the code?

Stroll on over to the Github Issues page and submit a bug.