Scene Change Listener - SDK 5.7

Hi guys,

On the previous version (5.0), we had a listener that was invoked when user changed his scene (active talker, gallery view) but on the newest version it seems the listener was removed.

Is there any other way to listen for user’s scene changes?

Hi @casmeiron, thanks for the post.

Can you please clarify around which method you were using in the older version of the SDK for this?


Hi Jon,

The method was available on MeetingActivity class so I was doing something like this:

@RequiresApi( api = Build.VERSION_CODES.N )
public void onVideoSceneChanged( AbsVideoScene fromScene, AbsVideoScene toScene ) {
Timber.d( “|MeetingActivity| - |onVideoSceneChanged| - Changing from scene [ %s ] to [ %s ]”, fromScene, toScene );

    super.onVideoSceneChanged( fromScene, toScene );

Hey @jon.lieblich, any thoughts?
I found out that when we’re on GALLERY VIEW and raise our hand, zoom changes the video scene to ACTIVE TALKER and our app is never notified about that cause the mentioned listener doesn’t exists anymore, I really hope you can help us out.


Hi @casmeiron,

We have determined that this method was removed from MeetingActivity in 5.7.6, but was not included in our release notes. We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused. There is currently not an alternative solution available, but we are investigating adding a replacement.

I found out that when we’re on GALLERY VIEW and raise our hand, zoom changes the video scene to ACTIVE TALKER

I was not able to reproduce this behavior, and I do not believe this is intentional. Can you please provide a screen recording so that I can verify I’m taking the same steps to reproduce as you?


Hi @jon.lieblich,

The test was made using SDK

Follow attached the recording that you asked me about.

Here’s what I did:

  • Joined the meeting
  • Switched to GALLERY VIEW
  • Invoked raiseHand

Result: Video scene automatically changed to ACTIVE SPEAKER.

Hi @casmeiron,

Thanks for providing the video. We are definitely taking the same steps but seeing different results. Are you certain that switchToActiveSpeaker is not being called anywhere in your app?


Hi @jon.lieblich,

Yes 100% sure.

Hi @casmeiron,

Got it, thanks for confirming! I think we’ll need some additional information in order to investigate this further. Can you please provide the following:

  • Device make/model (if reproducible across multiple devices, please include them all)
  • Android version(s) used to reproduce
  • SDK logs (found at sdcard/Android/data/${APP_NAME}/logs


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