scheduleMeeting error when I use Swift

I try to create the schedule meeting using Swift:

let scheduleMeetingItem = ZoomSDK.shared()?.getPremeetingService()?.createScheduleMeetingItem()
scheduleMeetingItem?.configOption.setMeetingTopic("Test Name")

And I got an error (1: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x4203193d0f48)) on this step:


The most interesting thing that when I created Objective-C class in the same project, and call the same chunk of code:

ZoomSDKScheduleMeetingItem *scheduleMeetingItem = [[[ZoomSDK sharedSDK] getPremeetingService] createScheduleMeetingItem];
[[scheduleMeetingItem1 configOption] setMeetingTopic:@"Test Name"];
[[[ZoomSDK sharedSDK] getPremeetingService] scheduleMeeting:scheduleMeetingItem];

My schedule meeting was created successfully.

Hi @anton.yereshchenko, thanks for the post.

That is certainly strange that this is only an issue with Swift. Can you confirm that you are calling both of these code snippets at the same point in time?


Hi @jon.lieblich, thanks for the report.

Yes, I confirm it. I tried to call this chunk of code in identical similar situations. And the result you can see above.


Hi @anton.yereshchenko, thanks for confirming.

Can you please provide the crash logs so that we may investigate this further?


Hi @jon.lieblich , do you mean ZoomSDK logs?

Xcode displays only this one: 1: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x4203193d0f48)

Hi @anton.yereshchenko,

Yes, the SDK logs. They should be located under ~/Library/Logs/${APP_NAME}. Once we have these logs, we can investigate this further.


Hi @jon.lieblich,

Unfortunately, there aren’t any new logs after the crash.

Thank you!

Hi @anton.yereshchenko,

There should be an encrypted log file at the location mentioned in my previous post. Can you please retrieve the log file from there so that we may investigate this further?


Hi @jon.lieblich ,

Yeah, there aren’t any new log files at the mentioned location.
The last zoom_memlog_… file was edited more than the month ago.

Logging have been enabled:

    let params = ZoomSDKInitParams()
    params.logFileSize = 5
    params.enableLog = true

Maybe I have missed something?


Hi @anton.yereshchenko,

There may be something related to your environment changing the location of the logs. Can you also please check in ~/Library/Containers/${PACKAGE_NAME}/Data/Library/Logs/${APP_NAME}?