What are ZoomSDKMeetingItem and ZoomSDKScheduleMeetingItem?

How can we display user’s scheduled meetings? What is the differences between ZoomSDKMeetingItem and ZoomSDKScheduleMeetingItem?

SDK Version: v5.4.54528.1230

Hi @tmiskiew, thanks for the post.

The difference in these two classes (aside from the differing interfaces) is that ZoomSDKMeetingItem is a meeting that has already been scheduled through the ZoomSDKPreMeetingService, while the ZoomSDKScheduleMeetingItem is a meeting that you are going to schedule through that same service. Looking through the reference docs for that class may provide the additional context needed to understand the differences in how these two objects are retrieved and used, but if not, I would be more than happy to help clarify further on any missing info. :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks. We do it like this today:

To get all meetings from Zoom SDK

  • @brief List all meetings.
  • @return If the function succeeds, it will return ZoomSDKError_Success. Otherwise failed.
  • (ZoomSDKError)listMeeting;

func onListMeeting(_: ZoomSDKPremeetingError, meetingList: [Any]) {
var array = ZoomMeetingItem
for item in meetingList {
if let item = item as? ZoomSDKMeetingItem {
print(“ZoomSDKMeetingItem: (item)”)
} else if let scheduleItem = item as? ZoomSDKScheduleMeetingItem {
print(“ZoomSDKScheduleMeetingItem: (scheduleItem)”)

When we my account we get ZERO meetings using SDK and two meetings when using the same account using the original zoom client.

The two meetings you see weren’t scheduled with my account, I was just invited to them. I don’t know whether you guys get them using the SDK or someone source it from my calendar. Would be awesome if you could shed some light on this.

Hi @tmiskiew,

That is certainly strange that you are seeing differences between the SDK and the client on the same account. Just to make sure, am I correct in assuming that you are using the same authentication method for both the client and SDK when singing into this account?

Also, what is the return value you are seeing from the listMeeting method? If it is anything other than ZoomSDKError_Success, there may be something else going on here.


Our app uses JDK token. And yes the list call returns success. What info do you need to investigate the problem? Shall I send you the log? My credentials?

Hi @tmiskiew,

No need for additional information. I was able to reproduce and am also seeing inconsistencies returned from this callback when compared with my test account’s dashboard.

We will need to investigate further to determine if this is an issue with the SDK or Zoom’s back end. Either way, I will be sure to give you an update as soon as we have more information.