SCIM External ID From Okta

I am trying to integrate Okta with Zoom and other apps. I saw checked the API docs for Users :-


I am interested in SCIM External ID that Okta sends to Zoom, I tried the above endpoints and I couldn’t get the External ID.

Any suggestion on making this work ?


Looks like external_id is not mentioned in the schema for scim-api.

Is there a plan for adding it ?
Is there any other way for me to get the external_id ?

Hi @zmzmuser ,

Can you please share the documentation for the eternal ID you are referring to and confirm following Zoom Okta integration guidance? Thanks!

Hi @gianni.zoom,
I configured the app using the integration guidance that you provided.
My users were created in Okta and pushed to Zoom via SCIM Provisioning.
I am accessing pushed users from Zoom API. I see the responses coming in as well, but the Id being returned from Zoom doesn’t match Okta’s Id. Upon further reading found that Zoom has to be sending an external Id which is the ID generated by Okta.

  1. In the below API-2 doc, the schema mentions employee_unique_id & id which gets generated when user’s sign in with SSO. Can I get more info what ID & Employee_Unique_Id are ? and who generated them viz., Okta or Zoom ?
  2. The ID being returned part of API-1, who generated that Id ? Is it Zoom or Okta ?
  3. Is there an API, I can use to get external ID ?

API - 1 :-
API - 2 :-

@gianni.zoom Where you able to get any solutions for my issues ?