Expose Employee Unique ID through Zoom API

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We’re a large organization, 16k+ users. We’re doing SAML mapping to the Employee Unique ID field in Zoom’s SSO configuration. This works well when a user changes email address, as the email field is no longer the Unique ID once this mapping is setup.

We also have our user provisioning set to the default “at sign-on”. This works fine with the exception of specific use cases like when a user requests access to Zoom Phone and does not yet have an actual Zoom user account. We have admins setup internally to manage Zoom Phone access, but they do not have access to actually create Zoom user accounts. We attempted to leverage an automated solution to provision Zoom user accounts, one that would not involve leveraging the Java/Oracle tools that come with Zoom’s AD sync tool. This automated solution makes use of Zooms API, specifically the endpoint “https://api.zoom.us/v2/users”. We are able to automate Zoom user account creation using this endpoint, but we are not seeing access to automate setting the value for the user account’s Employee Unique ID field. This creates the potential for duplicate accounts to occur if by chance the user went through an email change before they actually accessed their Zoom account to make use of the Zoom Phone features.

Describe the solution you’d like
Exposing the Employee Unique ID field via Zoom’s API would have myriad positive applications on the developer side. This field seems to be the only way to set and track a Zoom user account with a truly unique field, since the email field is likely to change in most business environments. Since this field exists and can be enabled manually, via web browser access to the GUI system in the Zoom Admin section, it would seem to make sense that the same field should be accessible by API to enable automation with that field.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
There appears to be no alternative, as this Employee Unique ID field is the only way to truly identify a Zoom user account by a unique field that would not change.

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I think that it would be a great improvement to add some team-building features.