Screen share in Zoom iOS sdk

i integrated zoom screen share feature in my app . Share screen button also showing but how can i present parent view controller that is mentioned in delegate method

  • ( void )onClickShareScreen:(UIViewController*)parentVC{ }
    Because zoom sdk UI is Already active and i am not able to present that parent view controller.

Hi romitarora,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. For screen sharing, you can follow the instruction mentioned in the SDK doc:

Regarding showing the parent view controller, you can call and load your own view inside the method -(void)onClickShareScreen:(UIViewController*)parentVC{}. With the parameter parentVC , you can use it to present your own view controller.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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Hello Carson_Chen
Thanks for the reply.
I implemented my custom view controller where broadcast button implemented . But now how can i share screen on my broadcast button click. Is there any function that enables screen share on button click.

There is a method call [startAppShare], please have a look at the sharing section in the doc:

You can also refer to the implementation in the demo app:, the demo app shows the way to implement the screen sharing feature upon button click.


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I implemented startAppshare as implemented in demo but it does nothing it sharing only one view not full screen. I need the same as zoom does in screen sharing but with [startAppShare] method it does nothing. How can i implement same screen sharing as zoom does with help of zoom sdk?

Thanks for the reply. If you would like the same screen sharing feature like the zoom client (Sharing the whole screen instead of a view), you can follow the instruction in the doc to achieve that: Please note that due to the screen sharing restriction from Apple, you must manually configure the broadcasting configuration on your device. The zoom client has the same requirement and behavior.


Hi Carson
I totally never understand what should I do in the function.
I think I never know what is the screen snapshot. and screen is dynamic which is switch according to user action.

in the sample project, I can’t find the sample code.

Hi guan_bj,

Thanks for the reply. You do not need to do anything in that function. You can follow the instruction to open the screen recording feature and trigger the screen sharing. I understand you would like to have the same effect as the Zoom client, I am afraid that is not an SDK feature, you might need to use some workaround, such as to achieve that.

Hope this helps. Thanks!