Screen share quits the zoom app

I’ve integrated the SDK, and while I was testing the video call functionality, I shared my sceeen from the app during the call. Doing this, it asked me for a permission which I granted after which it shut the app and took me to the home sceen of my phone.

Is there a way that we enable screen sharing and stay on the app itself or let the app navigate to the root page of the app instead of going back to the home page?

Asking this, because I need to let user share the content on his app itself and not the content on the phone.

Hi @neerajs,

Thanks for the post. If you are using Ionic SDK, currently the only way is to manually bring up the app again. Based on the description, it sounds like behavior on Android. If you could modify the native code part of the Ionic SDK, you could use some listeners like onStartShare( and bring up your app once the share starts.

Hope this helps. Thanks!