Screen share timer

I work on a team of software developers that frequently uses zoom to program collaboratively and we take turns “driving”. We would like to create something that can automatically keep track of when someone starts screen sharing and then force them to stop sharing after a configurable period of time. It would also be nice if it could play a warning sound prior to doing this.

Is this possible to create with the zoom sdk? If so, any recommendations on where to start would be appreciated.

Hey @shwoseph,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and cool idea!

If you’re interested in capturing when a participant started and stopped sharing their screen, you can get this information in near real-time from our Get Sharing/Recording Details of Meeting Participant Endpoint, within the participants > details object:

While we don’t have an in-meeting alert function as you’ve described, you could get creative and potentially use this in conjunction with the inMeetingServiceListener in our Web SDK. Perhaps you could mute the participant (though I realize this is not the same). You can find all of the available in-meeting methods in our reference here.

Let me know if this helps!


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