Screen sharing doesn't share audio from child processes


I recently upgraded my Zoom SDK version from to My app is a Windows WPF app written in C#. Part of the functionality is to share videos, which is achieved by launching VLC, then starting screen sharing. This has always worked fine.

Last night, I found that the audio wasn’t sharing properly. The audio was coming through my local speakers fine, but wasn’t being shared. More details in troubleshooting.

Which Windows Meeting SDK version? and - having downgraded from back to, the same issue came up. So I don’t think it’s actually an SDK upgrade issue - but I wonder whether in changing SDK version, some setting changed.

Troubleshooting Routes

It looks like the problem is caused by VLC being a child process of my SDK app.

If I launch VLC manually while sharing the screen, the audio is fine.

If I launch VLC via a “trampoline” (where I launch one process which does nothing but launch VLC in the same way) the audio is fine.

If I launch VLC directly as a child process, its audio is not shared. (It’s audible locally, but not shared.)

I can’t find anything in the audio or screen sharing settings that would affect this.

To reiterate: this used not to be a problem, on the same system. I don’t know what’s changed. I can use the “trampoline” idea as a workaround for now, but I’d really like to understand what’s going on. Does the Zoom SDK deliberately try to “ignore” audio from its own child processes, and is there a way of disabling that behavior?

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: SurfaceBook 2
  • OS: Windows 11
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