Audio problems when sharing a screen using web SDK

I received lots of complaints from my users regarding an audio breaking issue when one of the users start sharing a screen in a meeting .

Note : we do not have video calls only audio + share screen so we did not test the quality of the audio in video calls.

The audio starts breaking when sharing a screen .

Which version?
we are using the latest web SDK v1.7.8

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Start a meeting in web SDK
  2. Let someone else join
  3. Share screen
  4. Talk and let the other party talk , and you will notice that the audio is breaking

Additional context

I think this topic is related .

I hope that you can tell me how to fix this in the web SDK or if you plan to fix this in the feature , I need a timeline …
We really like Zoom and we do not want to move to any competitor so the timeline will help us a lot in the decision .

Note : I know it is working fine on zoom Apps but i am asking for the web only , i am not looking for workarounds that is going to take me out of the my webpage !

Thanks ,

Hey @salem,

Thanks for sharing this issue. Our engineering team is looking into it. (CS-1966)

Can you please share a link to this thread as well as your account # and meeting ID to so we can look into the logs.