Screen sharing issue component layout websdk 2.17

If host sharing his/her screen, participants experiencing the design issue below:

The entire component view layout breaks down if presenter sharing screen but before screen sharing, the same layout working fine as below:

I need the solution asap. Any help would be appreciated.

Same issue facing when I am implementing component view in my React Project. No proper documentation found for this issue. Please help me as soon as possible.

@chunsiong.zoom @chloe3 @donte.zoom @elisa.zoom Waiting for solution on this as many people facing the same issue

@arnab , @parikshit , @Jason11

Thanks for reporting this, what version of the SDK are using? I see version 2.17 in the title, is that what everyone is using?

Yes it is. Please let me know if this issue still persists in component layout or not.

@donte.zoom Any solution on this? or this issue still persists in your end ?

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@donte.zoom Yes I am also using the version websdk 2.17.0 facing same issue in component view in react js. Provide me a useful knowledge on a immediate basis

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@arnab @Jason11 @parikshit

Sorry, I did not get back to you sooner. Could you tell me when this problem first started? Did it happen after an upgrade? If so, from which SDK version did you upgrade? From the provided information, this appears to be a CSS issue. First, I suggest inspecting the elements to see which style is being overwritten when screen sharing begins. This will help identify the potential CSS conflict. In the meantime, I’ve linked the Zoom Meeting SDK component view Positioning support document for your reference.


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