Presenter sharing screen breaks component view layout


We’ve been trying to integrate the Meeting SDK Web Component view into our website
MeetingSDK for Web Version 2.10.1

We’ve been working on integrating it into our website for some time, and have come across a severe usability issue that we have so far been unable to fix.

When the webinar host shares their screen, it completely breaks the integration. The screen share doubles the size of the component, and overrides all the size settings we can find.

We haven’t been able to find any way to control the screen share size, or any information about when the presenter is sharing their screen.

How can we keep the component the same size when the presenter shares their screen? How can we know when the presenter shares their screen? This is a breaking issue for us, as many of our presenters need to share content.

Thank you,

Hi @geoff
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
I am happy to help here!
Could you please confirm if you are still experiencing this issue?
And could you also confirm if you have tried to replicate this behavior with our sample app?

Hi Elisa,

I am still experiencing this issue, yes. (And have seen people with similar issues)
I have not tried to replicate the behavior with your sample app.


Hi Elisa,

Would appreciate your response/guidance as trying to move forward here, and would like to be most efficient with my efforts.

Do you already have the sample app working and can test the screenshare functionality?

Thank you.

Hi @geoff
I just wanted to update you on this.
I was able to run our sample app with the component view layout and joined a webinar.
When I joined the webinar and share the screen, it does not break the integration.

Could you please try to replicate the issue you are seeing with our sample app?
Also, there has been a new release that may resolver your issue.


Hi Elisa,

I ran the sample app and was able to replicate the issue I was seeing.
To be clear; I have a set area that I need the webinar component to stay within. When I share the screen, it takes up twice the amount of screen-size as it was.
I need to be able to contain the component within a set div size.

Thank you!

Hi again Elisa,

Is there a way to get more dedicated (paid) support with this? We are losing a lot of time and money trying to make this work and we need to find a solution (if possible) or we’ll have to find a different video solution. Happy to pay for a live support session to get to the bottom of this as we need it solved asap.

Thank you.

Hi @geoff
Thanks for confirming this with me.
When you say that you have set an area that I need the webinar component to stay within. Could you point me to where you have set this area?

When I share the screen, it takes up twice the amount of screen-size as it was. Could you please share a screenshot of this and share it with me? A screenshot of the screen before sharing screen and one once the screen is shared so I can understand what you are referring to.

Feel free to share screenshots or record your screen and send them my way.
I will send you a private message to start a conversation with you in case you are not able to share those screenshots here.

About your second question, we do have some Premier Developer Support plans available, here is a link where you can find more information about it:


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