Screen sharing issue

Hello, I am facing alot of issue of screen share …even clicking on share screen i am unable to see the options for sharing…i am using the latest updated version of 5.3 and device of vivo v11 andriod with latest version…facing this issue since a month …please solve my issue as soon

Hi @jhansivemu6677, thanks for using Zoom.

It sounds like you are seeing an issue with the Zoom app. This forum is meant to assist developers integrating the Zoom SDK into their own apps. For assistance with the app, please see our general support page.


My issue was not yet resolved please find me a solution for this

i can see the option of screen share but i don’t see any options after clicking on it to share

Hi @jhansivemu6677 thanks for using Zoom.
1 Please check you application permission settings;Did you granted overlay permission to the application?
2 Can you provide a video of the steps to reproduce?


Yes I allowed all the permissions in settings previously it used to come but from past 6 months i don’t get options of after clicking on screen share i am unable to post a video references please solve it

Hi @jhansivemu6677 ,thanks for the post.
Can you upload a sdk log . SDK Log path: /sdcard/Android/data/%package name%/logs


I didn’t get you could you please be more general…??? I kindly request to you to Please solve my screen sharing issue…???

Hi @jhansivemu6677

1 open ‘Device File Explorer’ in android studio

2 go to /sdcard/Android/data/package name/logs

3 export logs dir and upload to here.


I don’t have any logs under zoom file explorer and sdcard\android

Hi @jhansivemu6677,

The logs will not be directly under the sdcard/Android directory. As mentioned in Fred’s post, you will need to navigate to the directory associated with your package name in order to retrieve them.