WebSDK App is not showing sharing

Hello! My problem is a black screen when someone sharering screen in the meetings.
I have tried all of possible ways:

  1. If sharering from WebSDK and looking in WebSDK
  2. Sharering from Zoom APP and look in WebSDK
  3. Sharering from WebSDK and look in Zoom App

So, everything is good with sharering everywhere. But WebSDK has problems with showing screen (with camera-translation everything is ok). Is there a way is solve it? Thank you!

I have no errors in console.

Which version?
I use 1.7.5v sdk


Smartphone (please complete the following information):
Browsers that I tested: Chrome and Mozila

I used google and saw another topics, such as Screen share not working or Occasionally See Black Screen When Sharing Desktop , but no solution yet

Hi @codenrock.nk,

Do you see any errors within the developer console log when sharing happens?


i attached all info/error logs during the time that zoom was started

(2nd part)

Hey @codenrock.nk,

Thanks for the details, we are currently working on a fix and will keep you updated. (CS-1587)


Hey @codenrock.nk,

Please use version 1.7.6, it should fix the issue.


Thank you very much, it works.
Still it still has some errors in console, but I already can see the screen, so it works.

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Hey @codenrock.nk,

Happy to hear it works! We will work on the browser console errors, but they should not break the app. :slight_smile: