Screenshare mutes video


activating screenshare on JS SDK 1.4.2 mutes the video camera.
on the windows desktop app, screensharing does not mute the video.

is this behavior on JS SDK intended, or can this be changed?


Hey @harald.glanzer,

To confirm: when you activate screen share it stops the video camera? Or mutes the sound/audio?

Also can you be specific about which user this affects? Is it the user who is sharing their screen?

In the meantime I will try to reproduce the issue.



if i active ‘screenshare’ on my local JS SDK Webclient (version 1.4.2), my own videocamera gets muted(audio is NOT affected). when i stop screensharing, my videocamera stays muted.

i can unmute my video camera at any time without problems, but my question is if i can disable this auto-mute, or if this is a bug on the JS SDK side…

this behavior occurs when hosting a meeting, i am not sure if the same happens when joining a meeting.


Hey @harald.glanzer,

I just tried reproducing this issue, and my video camera was never muted.

Can you send me your code (without API credentials) so I can test?


hi tommy,

you are right, sry for this. we are using JS to create a click on the corresponding button(class). it seems like this also triggers a video-mute.

thx again,

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No worries! Happy to help! Let us know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile: