Enabling Camera during Screen Sharing with Zoom Meeting Web SDK v2.12.0

Hi everyone,

We’re currently working on integrating Zoom Meeting Web SDK version 2.12.0 into our application. However, we’ve encountered a situation where the camera automatically disables with a tooltip message displayed: “To optimize performance, your video is disabled during screen sharing.”

In order to enhance the user experience and functionality of our application, we’re looking for a solution that enables the camera to remain active during screen sharing. We’d greatly appreciate any insights or guidance on the system requirements or specific settings/configuration needed to achieve this capability successfully.

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We’re facing the same issue with the camera being disabled during screen sharing in Zoom Meeting Web SDK v2.12.0. If anyone has found a solution to enable the camera during screen sharing, your insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

We are also facing the same issue.

We are currently experiencing the same problem in Zoom Meeting Web SDK v2.12.0, where the camera becomes disabled during screen sharing.

If a meeting hosted on web via Zoom supports using both at the same time. Then why deprive paid users from doing the same?

Hi everyone, are you still seeing this issue?

Yup. We are still hoping for it be fixed in the web SDK ASAP.

@zoome I will send you a private message for more details since I am not able to replicate on my end with the latest version of the Web SDK v2.14.0

Hi Shivam,
Hope so you;re doing well, to address the issue of the camera automatically disabling during screen sharing in the Zoom Meeting Web SDK version 2.12.0, you may need to modify the settings or configurations of the Zoom SDK. The default behavior of disabling the camera during screen sharing is intended to optimize performance. However, you can explore the Zoom SDK documentation or developer resources to find options to override this behavior and keep the camera active during screen sharing. Be aware that altering this functionality might impact performance, so it’s essential to consider system requirements and ensure the optimal user experience. Additionally, reaching out to Zoom’s support or developer community could provide further insights and assistance with implementing the desired camera behavior in your application.
Hope so this will help you!
Bryce June

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