Screenshare with getUserMedia() in our Zoom App

When our Zoom App is running in the inMainClient mode, we can initiate several screen/app shares in our whiteboard using:


however, when we are inMeeting this fails. Is there any way to make this work? Or is the zoom client blocking this?

Hi, @andy1,

Thank you for posting in the Forum. Are you seeing any errors when the inMeeting fails ? If so, can you share a screenshot with us?

Thanks Donte, good news our screen share actually is working … (not sure why I wasn’t seeing it before maybe the popup prompt was either hidden or on a different screen for me)

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Great @andy1 ! Glad to hear you are up and running. Thank you for the update!

The behavior of getDisplayMedia() is under review and will likely be deprecated. It is strongly recommended not to use it for production use as it will be unavailable soon. However, our development team is also exploring a path where this feature can be enabled. No timeline is set at the moment. You can stay up-to-date with any new or upcoming features, by visiting our changelog and upcoming changes pages.

Thanks for the update, we can disable that feature for our in-ZoomApp users then.

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You’re welcome!