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How to get SDK Credentials in my apps…

@lsr_zoom5 Hope you will be fine.

First, you need to upgrade the node package to WebSDK (latest) 2.9.7 then :point_down:

Here are the sessions regarding WebSDK Integrations

Hi @freelancer.nak , thank you for trying to help, but your responses do not match with the developer’s inquiry.

@lsr_zoom5 , did you create a new Meeting SDK app and are only seeing OAuth credentials on the App Credentials page?

yes, the interface showing like my attachment… only shows apps credential… I hope can get my SDK credential (SDK KEY and SDK SECRET)

yes, only get apps credential… i hope it showing sdk credential after I created… can you please help me to get sdk key and sdk secret code?

@gianni.zoom Hi, It matches b/c in the above sessions all the integrations are well described from SDK App Creation to get MeetingSDK Creds from Marketplace.

@lsr_zoom5 , this is a known issue (ZOOM-481026). Please follow the guidance outlined here:


already created… no response yet… I urgently need to get the code now

@lsr_zoom5 could you share when did you create your meeting sdk ?

You might be affected by a bug which affects a subset of customers who have create their account a couple of weeks ago.

Some of the few things you can try

  1. Fill up your name, developer email and other necessary details in the information tab. This is necessary before the SDK Key and SDK secret shows up.
  2. If the SDK Key and Secret still does not appear, and if your account is a free trial account with no data (important), you can recreate your and marketplace account. Newly created account will not be affected by this bug. However you will still need to fill up your name, developer email and other details in the information tab before the SDK Key and SDK Secret shows up.
  3. If you are on a pro account, do not delete your account. Let me know in the reply, and I’ll follow up with you on the next course of action.


My account type is Business. I already fill all the information needed. But somehow sdk key and sdk secret not appear. Can you please check for me urgently from your backend.

I created on 16 Jan 2023.

@lsr_zoom5 please @ Chun directly so he can see your response. Thanks!

we have released the multi sdk app feature, where developers can now create more than 1 sdk app on marketplace. the newly created apps should be working well

and removing of a Meeting SDK app is now possible :slight_smile:

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